Thursday, September 24, 2015

‘Unbranded’ Sheds Light on Wild Horse Issues in the West - Full Article

The adventure documentary tracks four young Texans as they lead a group of mustangs from Mexico to Canada

By: Will Grant Sep 23, 2015

Mustangs can be difficult to manage. Not just for the Bureau of Land Management, the agency charged with overseeing the majority of wild horses in the U.S., but for anyone trying to make a saddle horse out of one. In the film Unbranded, which hits theaters nationwide on Friday, four college buddies in their 20s take a cavvy of mustangs 3,000 miles north from Mexico to Canada. The opening scene pretty well sums up the nature of their journey.

In the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona, about a week into the ride, a brown mustang has a cactus burr the size of a fist attached to his quivering lower lip. The horse appears shy about letting a well-intentioned cowboy remove it with a Leatherman multi-tool. A voice in the background says, “The best thing is if you can just get in there and pull it out like a comb.”

The cowboy reaches for the cactus, and half a second later the mustang rears back on his haunches and plants a front foot in the man’s neck. Down goes the cowboy...

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