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Chase Endurance: Racing to Keep Up - Full Story

Chase Endurance | January 17, 2016

Packing for a trip to go endurance training in Humble, Texas as well as running (on my own two feet, which haven’t been running in four years) a 25km half marathon in Hitchcock requires more than my usual one piece of carry-on luggage. This required a trip to Mountain Equipment Co-op to supplement not only my wardrobe, but luggage with smooth rolling wheels as light as a feather.

From reading the previous derby blogs on The Adventurists website, one of the recommended items was a comfortable backpack that would hold a minimum of three liters of water. I picked up the Deuter Trans Alpine 30 with a weight of 1.25kg, which wasn’t the lightest, but was definitely the most comfortable and the tag said it was suitable for “rollercoaster type of rides,” which sounds like a ride on a Mongolian pony.

As I was walking by the luggage area, I literally stumbled upon a suitcase with big blue wheels. When I picked it up to move it, I was astonished by how light it was and it was divided up into sections which was perfect for my helmet, riding boots and gloves among other items that really shouldn’t mix with well used riding gear. I highly recommend it and once the company decides to sponsor me, then I’ll let you know the name. (hint hint).

I spent the rest of my Sunday evening packing and thinking about my trip to Humble, Texas to train with the most famous Darolyn Butler. Darolyn was actually just flying back to Texas from Dubai where one of her horses was entered into Sheik Mohammad’s 100 Mile Endurance Race...

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