Monday, April 22, 2019

​​​Horse Buyers: Don’t Make These Critical Veterinary ​Pre-Purchase Exam Mistakes - Full Article

1. Not Getting a Pre-Purchase Exam

At Equine Legal Solutions, many of our legal consultations are with unhappy horse buyers. One of the first questions we ask is, “Did you get a pre-purchase vet exam?” Often, the answer is “no.” The buyer regretfully explains they thought it would be “too expensive” to get a PPE, or they “really trusted” the seller. But now, they now own a horse they never would have bought if they knew what its true physical condition was. Frequently, the horse has a chronic lameness issue or other physical condition that will make it nearly impossible to resell (or even give away), creating a frustrating and expensive situation for the buyer. In hindsight, the buyer would have happily spent $1,000 or more on a pre-purchase exam and avoided the considerably higher expense of diagnosing and treating the horse’s problems.

2. Using the Seller’s Vet

Often, horse buyers use the seller’s vet to perform a pre-purchase exam, particularly in situations where the horse is located in another city, state or even country. This situation presents a conflict of interest for the vet, to the point where some equine veterinarians have a strict policy of not performing pre-purchase exams on clients’ horses...

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