Thursday, April 04, 2019

The Jockey Club Repeats its Call for Major Reform - Full Article

Statement: Horse fatalities are a nationwide problem that need to be addressed.

The Jockey Club Press Release
Release Date: April 1, 2019

The Jockey Club again emphasized the need for extensive reforms in an April 1 released that followed the catastrophic breakdown of a horse racing March 31 at Santa Anita Park.

A 23rd horse died at Santa Anita Park only three days after racing resumed; it is the 23rd horse fatality in the past three months.

The string of deaths at Santa Anita isn't the first spike in fatalities at a U.S. racetrack—these tragic events have happened before at other tracks and they will continue to occur without significant reform to the horse racing industry. The issue isn't about a single track; horse fatalities are a nationwide problem that need to be addressed on an industrywide basis.

The Jockey Club Calls for Extensive Reforms

There has been tremendous focus on the track surface, but the core of the problem lies in a fundamentally flawed system that falls far short of international horse racing standards -- standards that better protect horses and result in far fewer injuries and deaths.

Chief among the principles that make up the standards of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA) are those guiding the development of an effective anti-doping program and the regulation of the use of performance-enhancing drugs and drugs that can mask injuries, both of which can result in injuries and deaths...

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