Friday, March 20, 2020

Horse Owner Help During COVID-19 - Full Article

What to do if you need help feeding your horses after a COVID-19-related job loss, and how to help others if you don’t.

Posted by Stephanie L. Church, Editor-in-Chief | Mar 19, 2020

This week I’ve been curious—even a bit anxious—about how COVID-19 closures and cancellations are going to directly impact horse owners and their horses. As people are laid off from their jobs or must shutter their businesses in the face of decreased profits or inability to operate, they must find a way to cover their living expenses, as well as their horses’.

Spring hasn’t hit most pastures yet, so horse owners are still feeding a lot of hay … it’s simply a more expensive time of year to keep horses. It’s also tax season, and some owners owe the IRS.

“The timing is awful,” said emergency planning expert Rebecca Gimenez-Husted, PhD, who is based in Georgia. “There’s very little grass yet, and spring grass is so dangerous for laminitis risks...”

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