Thursday, March 26, 2020

Rosie Pope Update: Running from the UK to Nepal at 75

Chris Hinkle photo - Full Article

by Alex Myall

When I was tasked with writing about Rosie Pope’s expedition, I was told that she is quite a character. I’d say “character” sums her up beautifully. Even the bare facts — at age 75 she’s running from the UK to Nepal — makes evident her joyful lust for life and quirky style. By her own admission, Rosie isn’t athletic, and when I say “running”, I mean her mission is actually more like lugging a trike-turned-coffin across continents. Said trike-tuned-coffin holds all the necessities and doubles as a sleeping space when she needs to rest.

On March 3, Rosie reached Istanbul, Turkey. She crossed the iconic Bosphorus Bridge (with a police escort, no less, since it isn’t a pedestrian bridge) marking her official entry into Asia...

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