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Responsible Trail Use – A Guide for Horsemen - Full Article

A Guide to Responsible Trail Use

February 24, 2020
by Robert Eversole

Responsible Trail Use – A Guide for Horsemen

What you should know about responsible trail use through appropriate outdoors etiquette and ethics.

If you’re new to trail riding, it’s easy to view it as just a hillier extension of the arena. It’s just trail riding, right? Not quite. Trail riding offers an escape to beautiful, wild places — but also brings with it a responsibility to keep those places pristine and to respect the experiences of other visitors. Here are a few tips to help you become an upstanding citizen of the trails.

Accept Responsibility

One thing that has always been part of the equestrian ethic is personal responsibility, whether it’s just a day ride or an extended back country adventure.

Before heading onto the trails, learn about the area, gather appropriate equipment (Such as these Essentials for Every Trail Ride) and be prepared to take care of yourself. Whether you’re day riding or camping in backcountry areas for days on end, things can go wrong. Not only could you be in danger, but other people may have to shoulder the challenge of bailing you out of trouble. A well-executed trip is a satisfaction to you and not a burden to others...

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