Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Endurance riding is not for the fainthearted - Listen

On Breakfast with Sally Bryant

Forty five years ago, Allan Caslick saw a young woman working a horse and asked her what she was in training for; she replied she was an endurance rider and he was intrigued.

This weekend, his committee will host riders of all ages at The Rock, near Wagga in the Riverina.

Allan says there is something for everyone in the sport. The challenge of training a horse, the ability to pace yourself according to your fitness and ability, and the satisfaction of developing a true understanding and bond with your horse.

"It's all about finishing the event," he says.

"It's about finishing in your own time, with your horse fit and sound. That's where the satisfaction lies."

Duration: 11min 28sec
Broadcast: Wed 8 Jul 2020, 6:35am


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