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Trail First-Aid for Horses - Full Article

Know what to do if your horse gets injured on the trail.

By Nancy S. Loving, DVM
March 1 2012

Some of the most memorable rides are those enjoyed on a quiet, remote trail. Nothing could be finer. Without a worry in sight, your mind roams free as you absorb the beauty of the day and connect with your horse. And then, disaster strikes.

Emergency Plan

When you are faced with a crisis out on the trail, your prime objective is to execute a quick fix until you can get in touch with a vet. Before you head off on any ride, make sure someone knows what trail you’ll be on, and don’t deviate from this plan. Have a charged cell phone in hand, a GPS unit if possible, clothing for all kinds of weather and a well-stocked first-aid kit. Here are some common scenarios you might encounter on the trail.

Bleeding Laceration

Trails are full of obstacles that threaten to inflict cuts and scrapes as your horse fails to clear sharp branches or rocks while negotiating tough terrain or crossing creeks. If this happens, dismount and assess the damages when it is safe to do so...

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