Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Top Ten Mistakes Even Experienced Horse Buyers Make

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At Equine Legal Solutions, horse purchase and sale disputes generate more inquiries than any other topic. Here are the top horse-buying mistakes we see horse buyers, even experienced ones, make.

1. Not Getting a Veterinary Pre-Purchase Examination (PPE)

Even if the horse is FREE, not getting a veterinary pre-purchase examination (PPE) is a bad economic decision. For example, let’s say you are buying a child’s pony for $5,000. A PPE would add $500-1,000 (or more) to the initial cost, so you decide against it. You and your child try the pony, and she appears to be a great fit, so you buy the pony and take her home. Two days later, the pony is dead lame. You have the vet out and, after paying over $800 for a farm call, a lameness exam and diagnostics, you find out the pony has advanced navicular syndrome. The seller refuses to take the pony back, noting the pony was sound when you looked at her and you declined to have a PPE. You suspect the seller drugged the pony to mask the unsoundness. However, without a blood sample drawn during a PPE, you can’t prove the pony was drugged when you looked at her. You are now paying for the pony’s ongoing expenses and vet bills, and your daughter still doesn’t have a pony to ride. You can’t sell the pony to someone else (ethically, at least) because she is lame. Guess what – you have an expensive pasture ornament AND you’re buying another pony (but this time, you’re getting a PPE)...

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