Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Equine Activity Statutes

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As of 2022, only three states, California, Maryland and New York, do not have equine activity statutes (though New York has a “safety in agricultural tourism act” that defines certain responsibilities for visitors to agricultural facilities). Do equine activity statutes offer real protection for horse people? If so, what protection do they provide, and are there any traps for the unwary?

What Are Equine Activity Statutes?

Equine activity statutes are laws designed to limit liability for injuries and deaths connected with horse-related activities. The principle of equine activity statutes is a long-standing legal doctrine, “assumption of the risk.” A person assumes the risk of participating in an activity if they have full knowledge of the risks involved and decide to participate anyway. Assumption of the risk is often a successful legal defense in horse accident cases, even in states without equine activity statutes.

How Can Equine Activity Statutes Benefit Me?

Equine activity statutes have two key benefits...

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