Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review of Lameness Elimination Study

A study reports about causes of eliminations in endurance...

Of course :-) Everybody knows that. But what we expect from the most reputed equine magazines is to report about the (negative) evolution of the endurance sport. why did the sport move toward speed at all cost? Why more and more flat races? Why so litlle technical skills from the riders? Where has gone the horse welfare protection?


During endurance races of more than 80km ran free sped, half of starters were eliminated at vetgates and it seems that the proportion of elimination is raising with the speed.

this work was looking at the race parameters in order to determine the causes of elimination and propose a way to circumvent these eliminations.

Therefore, several parameters were analyzed: average speed, recovery time, heart rate. 7033 horses were analyzed, would they go to completion or not. During races of 80km and more.

A comparison of completions and non-completions shows that the fastest horses are the most subject to elimination for lameness (sic...) . Horses pulled for metabolic are the ones taking more time for recovery and their heart rate is higher. To reduce the risk of elimination, riders must adapt their speed according to the capabilities of the horse and the quality of their conditioning. Also the recovery time parameter should be considered more actively during vetgate inspection as they are good marquers for the risk of elimination for metabolic reason.

Full text, follow this link : Etude-institut-franais-du-cheval-et-de-l'quitation

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