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Trailering Tips: Brake Controllers - Are You Using the Right One? - Full Article

22 March 2013

Brake controllers are incredible inventions- they permit us to safely brake our trailers to shorten total braking distance drastically. They allow us to backup without locking brakes like surge breaks do, and they are able to adjust to a variety of terrains.

Brake controller technology has changed drastically in recent years however, and many people find themselves treating all brake controllers the same.

There are 3 main types of brake controllers, Proportional Integrated, Proportional pendulum, and Time Delayed brake controllers.

Time delayed controllers are the traditional brake controller style. They provide power preset by the driver when the brakes are pressed, and over time it increases the braking power. Today, these are only recommended for light duty trailering.

Proportional pendulum brake controllers sense motion and adjust braking dependent on how fast the tow vehicle is stopping. Allowing for smooth comfortable stopping as well as strong stopping power when necessary, these are much more effective for most towing needs than time delayed controllers, and are recommended for horse trailers when a non-oem brake controller is being purchased...

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