Friday, March 15, 2013

Trailering Tip: Keep Emergency Lists in Your Trailer

14 March 2013

Want to keep your horses safe if an emergency happens? Often we do what we can to prevent accidents, but we fail to make sure things are in place if an accident happens.

Emergency personnel may not know how to handle your horses. If something were to happen to you, such as hospitalization, injury, or death, it is important to make sure there is some way to let Emergency Personnel know what to do with your horses.

We recommend an emergency numbers list, as well as any other important emergency information. Put a list of emergency numbers in an easy to see location on or in your trailer giving consultation sources to help emergency personnel manage your horses. They won’t be looking for it, so make sure it is somewhere easy to see such as right on the door/window, or right inside the door.

This list should include veterinary contact information for horse injuries, as well as personal contacts who can assist in advising what should be done to or with your horses. If there are other areas of concern such as horse injuries, sicknesses, or medications, it would also be valuable to share this information on this list.

Remember, most emergency personnel may not have any experience with horses, and therefore it is important to advise them as to what they should do and make it easy for them to care for your horses the best they can.

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