Monday, March 04, 2013

The Best Of Both Worlds - A Hoof Protection Device That Still Allows The Hoof To Function As A Bare Hoof

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Monday, March 4, 2013 by Garrett Ford

I personally believe in the barefoot horse and marvel at what the equine hoof can do. The equine hoof is an amazing structure that expands and contracts under load, dissipates energy, and aids in blood flow. Although I believe that a horse should be barefoot whenever possible, I also believe that horses need hoof protection as distance traveled increases, terrain becomes more abrasive, and the loads carried become greater. We ask unnatural things from our equine partners, far beyond what the bare unprotected hoof can endure.

Hoof boots are a wonderful invention that can be used on a temporary basis when the hoof needs protection. The beauty of hoof boots is that the hoof is bare and functioning as nature intended the large majority of the time. But what about a protection device that can be left on the horse for longer periods of time that still allows natural function? Can a hoof be fitted with a protection device that still allows the hoof to expand and contract, allows the heel to spread, allows the heel to move up and down independently, and also provides support to the frog and heel?...

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