Saturday, April 16, 2016

Camping with Just a Cooler

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by Crysta Turnage
April 11 2016

Ride food and what to eat.... one of the more difficult issues I've had to face during my endurance career. While on a normal day to day basis, I'm pretty much blessed with an iron stomach and a love for a variety of foods and spices, during a ride I have to be careful. My digestive tract gets easily offended and quite picky about what 1) looks appealing and 2) is allowed to enter without repercussions. I'm allergic/sensitive to onions, such a common ingredient that makes it nearly impossible for me to eat the meals prepared by management on site. They hide in marinades, sauces, dressings, etc. and are difficult to avoid, so I plan to bring ALL my meals. Also, I'm generally solo and want to eat something with minimal fuss and effort involved. While I may occasionally drag out my Coleman camp stove, I would very much prefer not to. Thus, for me, I have perfected how to eat out of a cooler for the entire weekend with good REAL food that's both nutritious and easy. Just bring some paper plates, napkins, and assorted flatware. Here's what I did this past weekend:...

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