Tuesday, April 28, 2020

14 Tips to Keep Yourself Safe From COVID-19 When Trail Riding

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A veteran trail rider shares practical tips to keep yourself healthy and maintain social distancing while still enjoying time on your horse.

Posted by Alayne Blickle | Apr 24, 2020

Here are some tips and ideas for keeping yourself safe while hitting the trails and getting fresh air and exercise for you and your horses—sourced from a cadre of thoughtful, experienced equestrians:

1. Consider not riding if you live in a highly affected area with a maxed-out health care system.

2. The “trail less traveled” is a good adage to keep in mind for today’s social distancing world. As much as possible, research and choose trail riding locales with fewer crowds. Consider less-popular locations as well as days or times when fewer people are likely to be riding. Be prepared to change your plans if when you arrive at your destination you find your presence will crowd others...

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