Saturday, April 04, 2020

Equestrian Company Pivoting During a Pandemic - Full Article

How one equestrian company is responding to COVID-19.

by Liz Brown
April 2 2020

Boston-based manufacturer EquiFit specializes in designing stylish and technologically advanced products for horses—typically in black.
Now, they’re making one for humans. It’s also black.

Last week as COVID-19 continued its march across the globe, sickening hundreds of thousands and wreaking havoc on health care systems, EquiFit founder and president Alexandra Cherubini felt compelled to do something.

With the company’s operational ties to a medical supply company and expertise in producing high-quality equipment like tendon boots, girths, and saddle pads, she knew there had to be a way EquiFit could help meet a growing demand for protective equipment...

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