Saturday, April 25, 2020

Horses with Odd Jobs: This Little Black Mare is a Movie Pro - Full Article

While Storm isn’t the most majestic stunt horse in owner MarieBeth Young’s herd of equine actors, her confidence makes her safe on hectic film sets.

By: Nicole Kitchener | April 22, 2020
Storm might not be the flashiest gal on camera, but she’s a hard worker. At 27, she’s been around the block a few times and thanks to her know-how, she’s a favourite of her costars.

A solid black, 15-hand Saddlebred/Haflinger, Storm has appeared in countless film projects including movies, TV series, commercials and music videos. She is perfect for actors, wranglers and stunt people alike, no matter what their equine experience level. And she’s versatile. She can jump, pull a carriage, work around other animals, travels any terrain, doesn’t mind people hanging off her side and being (fake) shot off her back. She can also do tricks such as say yes, no, smile, shake hands, neigh and rear on request...

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