Monday, April 27, 2020

Heart-rate recovery system in Endurance may not be fair, researchers suggest - Full Article

April 27, 2020

The pre-determined arbitrary heart-rate recovery values seen in Endurance may not allow for fair competition, according to researchers.

Arno Lindner and his colleagues set out in their study to explore the relationship between resting and recovered heart rates in horses.

Their work has particular relevance for the discipline of Endurance, given its major focus on heart rates in competing horses.

As the authors point out, veterinary checkpoints are established at certain distances within Endurance races to ensure the health of the competing horses. Heart rate is one of the parameters investigated.

Horses can continue racing only after reaching a pre-defined and arbitrary heart rate, providing all other parameters are also in good order

The researchers, reporting in the open-access journal Animals, found that the time until the pre-defined heart rate is reached is shorter when the resting heart rate of a horse is lower to begin with...

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