Saturday, April 04, 2020

COVID-19: Should I Lock Down My Barn? - Full Article

At Equine Legal Solutions, we are starting to receive questions from barn owners asking if they should close their barns to boarders and visitors. Some want to close their barns to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but are worried that if they do, they will lose business, they will have to lay off employees, their customers will be very upset and some might even sue them. Others want to keep their barns open to keep their business from going under, keep their employees working, and provide their understandably anxious boarders with access to their beloved horses as well as an outlet for healthy exercise, fresh air and a sense of normalcy. But these barn owners are also concerned that if they don’t lock down their barns, their facilities will contribute to the pandemic. Federal, state and local government guidance has been inconsistent, and so far, there is no guidance specifically for equine facilities beyond scattered designations of “livestock” as “essential,” which is not particularly useful for the horse industry.

Here’s what medical experts currently know about the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19:...

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